In June 2010, I was approached by Worksetting Gallery in Huddersfield about designing a multi-channel sound object for a three-month long exhibition.  Aside from my composition, the exhibit included a large bench designed by architect Amanda Levete, which is housed in the adjacent listening area next to the exhibit space.  The completed exhibit debuted as part of the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival on the 22nd of November 2010.

The piece utilised recordings of conventional sounds such as vocals, pianos, basses, drum sets, guitars, and bells, as well as field recordings.  These sounds were often heavily processed using spatialisation techniques in Max/MSP, convolution filtering, direct analog distortion, and outboard effects units.  These recordings were then played back on an eight-channel loudspeaker system fed by four Sony Walkman cassette players strapped to the walls in the exhibit space.  Each Walkman played back loops with lengths ranging from 3:15 to 4:41, and thus the cassettes constantly overlaped in different ways, creating a ever-evolving sonic work.  Below are photos of the exhibit space and listening area: