Anyone who has seen me carry cassette boomboxes into the audience at gigs in the past has witnessed firsthand my fascination with live spatialisation of audio.  I took this a step further when designing an 8-channel composition for the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.  Additionally, much of my work in Max/MSP has been devoted to ambisonics.  You can read about various Max/MSP ambisonic patches I have designed here, or view a video of a 13-channel performance below (n.b. this video was recorded at the Clothworkers Concert Hall, University of Leeds.  Signal from the guitar was sent to an amplifier placed underneath a grand piano in the room behind the stage area.  Sounds from inside the piano were then captured and spatialised to 13 Genelec monitors surrounding the audience and performance space.  All signal processing was done in Max/MSP with custom purpose-built patches.  The patch was controlled using a Behringer FCB1010 foot controller and JazzMutant Lemur interface.  Unfortunately, the main point of this video – the spatialisation – was lost well before it hit your ears, when it was recorded using a handheld camcorder).